I created Snowboarder! as a tutorial for our CoderDojo Kids to practice their... (more)14 Mar 2019 

Bible Speed-Reader

Speed Bible is my work-in-progress experiment for speed-reading the Bible. Recent research has... (more)14 Feb 2018 

Fremont CoderDojo

When we returned to California from Ireland in 2014, I was looking for... (more)25 Jan 2018 

Minecraft-styled Easter Egg Hunt Promo

I was asked if I could make a little promo for our Easter... (more)01 Mar 2014 

Kid's Week Theme Videos

We recorded a series of quick video sketches, one for each day of... (more)26 Sep 2013 

Lego Jesus?

We wanted a fresh way to represent Jesus and His followers to kids.... (more)01 Jul 2012

In 2008 I began developing, a website which helps kids engage... (more)01 Jun 2012