Advent App for Cornerstone City Church

07 Jan 2014

With all of the commercial buzz around Christmas, it can be a challenge for Christians to keep the spiritual significance of the holiday in the forefront.

We were looking for a way to help Cornerstone members to consistently reflect on the significance of Christ’s birth, throughout the lead up to Christmas. Because Christians have historically celebrated Advent in the weeks preceeding Christmas, the natural solution was to create an Advent ‘app’, which we could use together as we approached the Christmas season. The app is not much different than a blog, a series of entries connected by a common index, one post for each day of Advent.

Between December 1 and Christmas Eve, the site received:
  • 2,182 visits.
  • 6,630 pageviews.
  • 83% of visits were from mobile phones or tablets.
  • (We promoted it via one text message sent to the membership list and many shared the site through Facebook and Twitter.)
For the technically Inclined, Libraries Used:
  • Facebook-connect for user-authentication
  • Pure-UI, a responsive CSS framework, so that the app works and looks great on mobile devices.
  • Sinatra & Datamapper for the server and database
Here is what the home screen looks like on an iPhone:

advent app

And here is what it looks like on my laptop:

advent app